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Spots are limited to 30 participants, because we’ve found that an intimate, get-to-really-know-you setting works the best for making real connections.

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Gord Mc Neilly received 931 votes in the Charlottetown-Lewis Point riding in — 109 votes fewer than Liberal Kathleen Casey, who won the seat. After coming up short for the NDP in the last provincial election, Gord Mc Neilly says it is early, but he is open to running again in two years.

On Thursday, he announced he is working with the Liberal Party of P. But Mc Neilly will likely be doing so for another party. But, there's two years ahead until the next provincial election.

The observation is a simple one, that in creating decorations that involves people, the artists would somehow be considering the fashion of the day in their depictions.

Even if the figures in the decorations were not contemporary, Tommy Eklöf felt that still, the mannerism used in the artists renderings would change over time and then still create a hereto overlooked way to date and authenticate Chinese porcelain – based on facial features and adornments.

After an original research that have taken several years and several thousands of objects – carefully dated by consensus among experts as well as by traditional means – this book now covers the period from the late Ming dynasty, throughout the Qing dynasty and the Republic Period, up to the present day.

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